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Direct Primary Care Trumps The ACA For: Value, Quality & Satisfactions

Direct Primary Care is a practical solution that supplants the craziness in the current debate and, in a simple way, provides a clear path for patients to beat all the rhetoric with something valuable, practical, coherent and concrete – the physician-patient relationship…

Primary care needs to be the backbone of any healthcare fix

Physicians need to take medicine back. We need to go back to the days of a patient physician contract without intrusion…

With Direct Primary Care, It’s Just Doctor and Patient

There’s no waiting room at Linnea Meyer’s tiny primary-care practice in downtown Boston. That’s because there’s rarely a wait to see her…

More doctors embrace membership fees, shunning health insurance

I almost cried because it was so incredibly transparent, because I knew exactly how much I was going to be paying.- Stephanie Wong, 34

The Doctor Will See You but Not Your Insurance

Fed up with waiting weeks for a medical appointment – and then getting only a few precious minutes with your doctor? The unnecessary tests and referrals to a specialist? Insurance hassles, red tape? So are Doctors…

Direct primary care can rein in America’s out-of-control healthcare costs

“We don’t expect our homeowner’s insurance to pay for blown light bulbs or routine maintenance. Imagine how complex and expensive it would be to purchase gasoline if we used our auto insurance to pay for fuel. This is what we expect from our health insurance, yet we are surprised that it is expensive, inefficient, and impersonal.”

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