This is Direct Primary Care

Do you feel like you have to battle your insurance company every time you need medical care? Fortunately, you can change that. With our direct primary care services, we can help you reduce the insurance-related issues that come from traditional medical care. Direct Doctor Care is an primary care clinic welcoming new patients in Middleton, Idaho.

Traditional Insurance Based Care

Want to use your insurance? No problem! Direct Doctor Care accepts most major insurances and is accepting new patients in Middleton, Idaho.

You don't have to stress about whether we're in your network. You can simply set up a membership at our primary care clinic when you need family medicine services. Plus, if you want to work with an insurance plan, we can take your insurance provider's information.

Many patients schedule appointments at our clinic because:

We're caring

Our experienced family doctor works hard to make every patient feel welcome

We're honest

We practice in the best interest of our patients

We're accessible

Communicating with your doctor is simple